The perfect gift

The perfect gift

Created in 1862, BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho is one of the oldest private rum blends in the world. For seven generations, the BACARDÍ family enjoyed it as their personal reserve. Happily, today everyone can enjoy this golden sipping rum and create special moments together.

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Bacardí Ocho gift shop

At Schrijnwerkersstraat 12 in Antwerp Bacardí will host an Ocho gift shop from 8 til 31 December. Visitors will be able to buy an exclusive Ocho gift box, consisting of a bottle of Bacardí Reserva Ocho, two glasses, two ice ball moulds and a booklet with Bacardí ReservaOcho cocktail recipes by 8 of Belgium’s most renowned bartenders.

These same bartenders inspired Kamagurka to create 8 drawings (see below) that will be used to decorate the limited edition wooden gift boxes.

Bacardí Ocho gift shop


Everyone buying one of the ltd. edition boxes, albeit as a gift for someone else, also does him/herself a pleasure as with every purchase the client gets a cocktail voucher for one of the six selected bars (Dogma, Bar Zar, Black Smoke, Bar Burbure and Koks&Tales in Antwerp and Yi Chan in Brussels).

Besides that, every purchase (made after 13h) entitles the client to enter the speakeasy bar situated behind the shop…

Kamagurka meets Bacardí Ocho


Below the drawings Kamagurka made to decorate the 8 different Bacardí Reserva Ocho gift boxes. And some info regarding the bartenders and their signature Bacardí Ocho drinks. Gift boxes available in the Bacardí Ocho gift shop at €35.


Want to go tropical? Maxime aka ‘Mr. Tiki’ will transport you to a sunny island in no-time. Say bye-bye to your daily routine, Bar Zar welcomes you in a unique exotic setting with a piranha fish tank where we guarantee a true jungle experience.

The Commendatore contains red cactus juice, lime and pomegranate juice, basil leaves and of course Bacardí Reserva Ocho.

As an all-round hospitality entrepreneur, Rob Biesmans, can definitely be regarded as the ‘trendsetter’ of cocktails in & around Hasselt. In his lovely art-deco style bar, Koks & Tales, you’ll enjoy the most amazing concoctions! In 2017 they were crowned ‘Best Cocktail bar’.

In this cocktail he mixes Bacardí Reserva Ocho with Falernum, lime juice, honey-ginger syrup and a barspoon of soy sauce.

Being the 1st Belgian winner of the prestigious Bacardi Global Legacy Cocktail Competition in 2017, Ran gained the status of globetrotting & internationally renowned bartender. Currently working in one the world’s best bars, Artesian in London, Ran is still very much linked with ‘The Pharmacy’ in Knokke where all started in the family business.

Clarita is a concoction in which Bacardí Reserva Ocho is mixed with sherry, crème de cacao and absinth.


Cocktails with an Asian twist. Carrying on the legacy of his father’s restaurant, Yi Chan (Chinese for Legacy), with his own signature. Skillfully crafted dim sum, & noodles are perfectly paired with a unique style of drinks. Yen found inspiration for this drink on his trip to Japan, Haichi meaning ‘Ocho’ in Japanese.

The Haichi is built with Bacardí Reserva Ocho, lime juice, yuzu juice, orange bitters and sparkling water.

Describing Didier as being passionate would be an absolute understatement. At Dogma you’ll be submerged in the wonderful world of cocktails in a casual atmosphere. On top of that, Didier became Belgium’s Best Bartender in 2016.

The signature Mr. Dogma contains Bacardí Reserva Ocho, Martini Riserva Rubino, Picon, pomegranate syrup, orange juice and lemon juice.

As an award-winning sommelier, Jurgen translates his knowledge of flavors & aromas into perfectly balanced cocktails. Bar Burbure just got awarded as cocktail bar of the year by Gault Millau and they’re looking forward serve you some exquisite drinks amidst gorgeous green tiles and modern copper fixtures.

For the Ocho Cobbler, Jurgen uses Bacardí Reserva Ocho, sherry, Dom Bénédictine, Maraschino, chocolate, old fashioned and Angostura bitters.

The wizard of cocktails. Being Sergio Herman’s right-hand on the cocktails at Pure C & The Jane, Paul now works as a cocktail consultant for various bars & restaurants with his latest project being the cocktail menu for Mesa in Antwerp. For Paul it’s all about having a full sensory experience where aroma, texture and taste go hand in hand.

The Land of the Rising Ocho mixes Bacardí Reserva Ocho, aged plum wine, yuzu juice and CO2.

Bar Manager at the infamous Black Smoke restaurant in Antwerp, Donald throws you some delicious cocktails with a Caribbean twist. The Matriarch is one of the finalists in the Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2018. Pretty #tasty


In The Matriarch, Donald combines Bacardí Reserva Ocho, jenever, earl grey syrup, rosewater and St-Germain.


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